A family-run Greek company has dominated globally with dolmades – hand-rolled, stuffed grape leaves – transforming them from a local delicacy to an international phenomenon.

For decades, Greece has struggled to protect or add value to many of its iconic agricultural and food products on the global stage. Extra virgin olive oil is often exported in bulk to Italy before being bottled and marketed as Italian. The country produces only a fraction of the total Greek yogurt supply, with major brands produced elsewhere. Feta cheese faces competition from imitation varieties internationally.

Yet one family-run Greek company has managed to buck this trend and dominate worldwide in their particular niche – dolmades, the stuffed grape leaf rolls found across the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East.

The origins of this success story trace back to 1957 in the small town of Politika, Evia. Merchant Antonis Souliotis coaxed a Dolmades master craftsman from a competitor to join his new venture, enlisting seven cousins as the workforce. With only primitive buildings and machinery, they began hand-rolling dolmades and other Greek delicacies to sell locally.

Six decades later, the company Antonis founded, Paliria, has grown into a global powerhouse for stuffed grape leaves under the leadership of his son, Kostas Souliotis. From humble beginnings in Politika, Paliria now operates seven state-of-the-art production facilities spanning Greece, Bulgaria, China, and Jordan.

From Local Delicacy to Global Obsession: How a Greek Family Conquered the World of Dolmades - 2

In 2023, Paliria received a silver award for being a top Greek export company.

The company exports its authentic Greek recipes to 60 countries worldwide. Annual sales are projected to top 100 million euros for the first time in 2023. The product range has expanded by acquiring other Greek food businesses like leading pie maker Tsampasis. But dolmades remain the crown jewel – Paliria’s factories still hand-roll an astounding 730 million stuffed grape leaves annually.

Back in 1974, Paliria made its first foray into exports, shipping dolmades to the United States. However, the major breakthrough came in 2000 when the company opened its first factory in Bulgaria. By significantly lowering production costs, this allowed Paliria to compete directly with Turkish companies who previously dominated the global dolmades trade.

Today, no competitor comes close to Paliria’s scale or market share in stuffed grape leaves. Strategic expansion into new markets like Saudi Arabia, where they now control 75% of market share, has been a key growth driver. But just as crucial has been the diversification beyond just dolmades into other Greek recipes and products over the years.

The recent acquisition of leading pie and dough maker Tsampasis for 18 million euros is the latest move to expand Paliria’s portfolio. Now, with around 250 product codes spanning dolmades, legumes, vegetables, frozen goods, and more, the company has plans to invest 14 million euros in production facilities in Politika and Argos.

Paliria aims to achieve annual sales growth of 10% over the next five years, reaching over 150 million euros by 2030. The company combines efficiency and innovation with a commitment to authenticity and quality. For instance, 65% of sales come from private-label products made for major retail chains across the globe.

Current President Kostas Souliotis credits the company’s strategic partner, Vassilis Katsos of VNK Capital, who acquired a 36% stake in 2019, for contributing knowledge and acumen to support Paliria’s rise as a world-leading ambassador for Greek cuisine.

This proud Greek family business succeeded in taking dolmades from a local delicacy to a global phenomenon. Paliria’s emergence as the dominant player worldwide in stuffed grape leaves demonstrates how, with the right vision and execution, Greek companies can protect and add value to more traditional products on the international stage. Their success story also inspires other cherished Greek goods to find their global niche.

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