Marple Newtown, PA – Being an athlete or a lover of athletics for some goes on for a lifetime. But the body gives way to our passion and we at some point have to bow down to nature. We continue on with the help of modern medicine and learn to do by thinking carefully. For some, the sheer thought of not playing or competing is a challenge they test on the field and in their minds.

Many of the following Greek and Greek-American men in the following images, continue playing today. They make the weekly ritual visit to Marple Newtown Senior high school and participate for the pure love of game and for the opportunity to be with their fellow Hellenes.

While the game goes on for this generation of 50 year old’s, it draws on those that still await to see their hairlines and waste lines change, the 20 to 30 year olds. Many young Greek-American warrior men also participate in the tribal custom. They add that extra something to the day, reinvigorating their senior leaders and securing this weekly rituals future for another generation.

This social gathering starting back in 2006, and is attended, rain or shine every Sunday by a mix of predominantly middle aged men. The younger warriors also gather on Thursday afternoons. Age has apparently not caught up with them yet. Their love of sport and Hellenism will secure the tradition will go on, at least another generation to come.