This short film, written and filmed by Eleftherios Kostans and produced by Cosmos Philly for the Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia, captured the history of Greek music, spanning one hundred years, in the Delaware Valley area.

The film presented the local bars and clubs in the Greektown section of Philadelphia during the early 1900s, and the recordings of the early rebetika music made at RCA/Victor studios in Camden, New Jersey.

It traced the roots of Greek music from 1918 to 2018, and featured over thirty Greek-American bands and musicians, their bios, stories, and members, from the metropolitan area of Philadelphia that performed for our weddings, baptisms, festivals, dances, and other affairs.

The film was premiered on March 10, 2018, at the prestigious Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia 4th Annual Photo Tour, titled “Photo Tour 2018, A Musical Odyssey – The Heritage of Greek Music in Philadelphia.” The event was held at the renowned Philadelphia History Museum, with over three hundred guests attending.

Since its premiere, the exhibit has traveled to many Greek-American conventions, festivals, churches, and other events, promoting not only the Photo Tour 2018 but the work of the Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia.