Philadelphia, PA – On April 22, 2020, two Greek news outlets, Epirus TV1 and Vima TV, interviewed Cosmos Philly’s Co-Founder Vasilios Keisoglou about the remarkable footage he captured of an emotional Priest during the Resurrection Services in a Greek Orthodox Church.

Elena Christofidou of Epirus TV1 and Panagiotis Mpourhas from Vima TV, both from Ioannina Greece, questioned Keisoglou extensively about what transpired leading up to the unforgettable moment he recorded. Keisoglou also provided insight into the Philadelphia area’s Greek community surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I, too, was overtaken by the moment and shed a few tears. I could hardly believe my eyes when I realized what had taken place,” said Keisoglou. The emotional moment was captured during the live Easter liturgy service, which was being broadcast through midnight into Easter morning on Cosmos Philly TV. As the clock neared midnight and Father Alexandros performed the traditional ceremonial blessings to the empty church. He was greeted by an unidentified man wearing a face mask and holding a lit candle at the front doors of the church.

Father Alexandros sang out “Christos Anesti,” while the man through the door yelled out, “Chronia Polla”.The powerful moment had resonated with Father Alexandros, who paused briefly, and then was overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry. The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions had kept all but one parishioner away. The church, generally filled on this evening, was in lockdown, and only three others were inside to conduct the services and broadcast to the community.

The video clip from the liturgy service has since stirred Greek Orthodox faithful worldwide. It is being featured in many Greek and religious news outlets.