When people hear about Greek summers the first things that come to mind are most likely the beaches and the country’s islands. The list of interesting things to do during the summer in Greece may go on and on before you stumble upon the word cinema.

Away from the hustle and bustle of beach bars and nightclubs, Greek summer cinemas offer not only a screening of the latest blockbuster, but also a view very few theaters in the world can rival. Cine Paris in Plaka sits on a rooftop in a garden under the shade of the Acropolis Hill. Cine Paris is only open from May to October. With its beautiful garden and a view of the twinkling lights of the city and the ancient Parthenon, the cinema is ranked as one of the top open-air cinemas in Europe.

Cine Kamari is also one of the highest rated cinemas in Europe which is located on the island of Santorini. Cine Kamari provides a magical atmosphere where viewers are surrounded by lighted eucalyptus trees. Moreover, the cinema has a full bar with cocktails and local beers and wines. The cinema is open from June to early October, and for the price of only 8 euros, (the average price for a ticket at a cinema) tourists and locals alike are able to enjoy a movie on a relaxing luxury deckchair.

However, one of the most famous summer cinemas across the globe is the Cine Thisio which opened in Athens in 1935. Although around 90 terraces and gardens serves as open-air movie theaters in Athens, none compare to the Cine Thisio which is consistently ranked as one of the most enjoyable cinemas in the world. Cine Thisio provides all one would want from a movie theater and more. Local mezedes accompanied by sour cherry juice, tsipouro, or other fantastic Greek delicates, good company, and a beautiful view of the Acropolis and the Parthenon make the cinema a must-see attraction.

While the depressing end of summer is approaching and people flock to the beaches for as much as possible, Greek open-air cinemas provide a different allure to the country and allow people living in or visiting the country to not only get a bang for their buck when going out for a movie, but enjoy a atmosphere hardly found and hardly comparable to that of other cinemas abroad.