By Philip Voutsakis

A staple of Greek cuisine in suburban Philadelphia has been sold and in its place, an Italian eatery is rumored to be opening. Mythos Greek Restaurant in West Chester, PA was a favorite for diners seeking authentic Greek recipes. A BYOB in an area sparse with Greek dining outlets, it was always a hot-spot for large parties. Being a frequent visitor myself, I hardly remember a time when I did not see familiar faces dining alongside me.

Quickly after its opening, Mythos became a center for the Hellenic-American community in the area. The ever-welcoming ownership was always willing to open its doors to any Hellenic-American community organizations hosting a dinner meeting. The Pan-Macedonian Association, Villanova University’s Greek American Student Association, and various AHEPA chapters were some of the many organizations that hosted meetings at the restaurant. Additionally, Mythos’ Greek Music Nights became famous for those craving the twang of bouzouki strings after their xoriatiki and paidakia.

The ownership’s generosity was also profound; Mythos’ Pegasus logo adorned many Church ad books and groups raising funds by singing Kalanta at Christmastime were always welcomed. Additionally, many young Greek-Americans were hired as part-time waiters and waitresses, giving them the opportunity to not only earn some money, but also learn valuable customer service skills.

Mythos will always have some fond memories for me; it is the restaurant that I took my girlfriend out to on our first date (it’s been two years since), where I was elected to be president of the Pan-Macedonian Youth, and where I had the best grilled octopus that I’ve had in the U.S.A. The Facebook page for the restaurant reads “in Greece, when someone invites you to their home, they take great pride in making sure you leave satiated and happy. Because Mythos is a family owned and operated business, we preserve this tradition at our restaurant.” The ownership and employees at Mythos truly accomplished this goal. Mythos will certainly be missed in the community.