Saturday, February 27th, 2021
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St. Thomas Greek School Students Opening Day – Photo Gallery

Pens, Pencils and books, Greek School Preparations at Evangelismos

St. Thomas Greek School Registration Begins Now – Announces newly established Pre-K class

Evangelismos Greek School Graduation 2015

Odyssey school hosts Independence Day and Hellenism at Open House

Eight Year Tradition – The Three Hierarchs Honored

Three Hierarchs Observed at St. Thomas – Photo gallery

Greek Christmas Recital at Evangelismos

Holiday songs and poems fill the air at St. George Greek Orthodox church

Aristotle Academy at St. George Celebrates Christmas – Photo gallery

Greek Pride on OXI Day

New students and new teachers added to St. Luke Greek school

New Year at Annunciation Greek school shows promise – Photo gallery

New Students, Teachers and Direction, Annunciation Greek School

Smiling faces are welcomed at Academy of Aristotle – Photo gallery

Hellenic education on the cutting edge, Academy of Aristotle in Media

Agiasmos for Evangelismos Greek school

School’s back! St. Demetrios Greek school opens

Wanted! Greek language teachers – Community in crises

Evangelismos Greek school registration begins

Annunciation announces Greek school start

Greek School and Ahepa Awards at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church

Evangelismos Greek School celebrates March 25th

St. Thomas students celebrate Greek Independence

Through poetry, song and dance, St. Thomas students celebrate Greek Independence

Dancing the Night Away, St. Thomas Greek School

2014 New Year Greeting from the Greek School students of Evangelismos

Poems and Carols at Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church

Greek School on Imvros Reopens

Dressed in Blue and White, Greek School Students Celebrate OXI Day

Greek School Pride at St. Luke

St. Luke’s Greek school starts 2013