Springfield, PAHellenic Hearts members gathered for a night of reflection at the Rolling Green Country Club on Saturday. Led by President and Board member John Aivazoglou, Esq., announcements were made about the upcoming spring fundraiser and the development of the Educational Program that was initiated two years ago.

The Hellenic Hearts Educational Guidance Program is at the center of efforts to support the youth of the community. The program which is offered to Hellenic American youth through mentoring, networking, admissions counseling, and professionalism programs, has an ultimate goal of promoting higher education and increasing professional success.

“We’re also here as a grassroots organization to help those in need”, said Aivazoglou. “As we continue to grow, we are looking for those individuals who wish to be part of our family. If people are in need, have a hardship, or have suffered a catastrophic loss in our community, we want to get there fast and first”, added Aivazoglou.

Hellenic Hearts is a nonprofit organization created to establish a need-based safety net for Hellenes in the Greater Philadelphia area.