Tuesday, October 20th, 2020
Nameday of Artemios, Artemis, Artemis, Diana, Gerasimos, Yerasimos, Henoe, Enoe, Matrona

Mystra: Byzantium’s Indian Summer

From Tatavla to Kurtulus

Coffee talk in Belogiannis

Greek Naval History: 1900 the Book – The First Naval Feat

Thermopylae and the “Other” Spartans

The Greeks of Trieste

This Moment in Philadelphia Greek American History: Evzones and Hooters

Lecture about the burning Smyrna in Philadelphia today

A rocking introduction to Greek philosopher Socrates

Another Lesson from 1821

The 189th Anniversary of the attempted liberation of Beirut

Why is Lord Elgin an Abomination to the Greeks?

25 Ancient Greek Cities that No Longer Exist or Are No Longer Greek

The Eloquence of Humble Architecture: Homes Lost …and Refuge Gained

3D model of the Amphipolis Tomb

Chicago’s Pontian Greeks sponsor lecture on Genocide

Comparing Genocide: Jews and the Ottoman Greeks

100th Anniversary of the Genocide of Thracian Hellenism

Preserving the memory of the Anatolian Greek Genocide

Yugoslav film archive reveals raw footage of Thessaloniki’s 1917 great fire

Rigas Pheraios: My Kind of Hero

Prominent Greek-American Reporter, Ike Pappas – Front Row Seat to History

A Partisan Chat: Alexis Parnis

The Exodus from Greece

Balkans: End of the First Balkan War

A Patriot’s Death Ignites the Struggle to Free Macedonia

The Exiled Greeks

A Street Car Named Desire, Remembering Elia Kazan

Remembering the Great fire of Smyrna

A Greek Savior at the Goliad Massacre

Film project to show Greek resistance during Nazi era

Corfu, the island that may have saved the West and Christianity

The impossible Hatzis dive of 1913

Interview with Alexander Kitroeff

The Civilian Ambassador: Asa Jennings and the Burning of Smyrna

Drexel University revisits the 300 Hellenic Warriors

300 Revisited – Hellenic Warriors

The World’s First Computer: The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism – The Worlds First Computer