Wilmington, DE – The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly put a sad face on springtime festival-goers. But the parishioners at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church couldn’t say no to the community. And although this Greek Festival was missing the music, shops, and atmosphere that makes it so unique, they found a way to give their fans a little something to cheer about.

Cars lined Broom street in front of the church, which ran through the parking. A drive-by food pick up service with many of the traditional Greek foods was being made and sold to those that placed orders. And if your heart desired, you could just stop, walk up, and place an order and wait.

Ok. No OPA! No long tables with friends sitting around enjoying the evening with a bottle of Retsina. And no Greek dancing. But the best of what makes this affair so popular was on hand. You could order a Greek sweets package, pastitsio, gyro sandwiches and more. And many from around the region did. Lines extended all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue. “I don’t mind waiting in my car. I usually have to wait in line anyway for food each year,” said one customer.

The annual Greek Festival will continue all weekend long. So if you’re hungry for traditional Greek food, you can order online or show up for takeout. The Wilmington Greek Festival is offering takeout Greek foods and wine that can be picked up at the church at 808 N. Broom St. these last two weekends in June. Customers can get to-go orders from 3 to 9 pm June 18 through June 21, and then again from 3 to 9 pm June 25 through June 28.

Plans also are in the works to move the actual Festival, which will bring back dine-in services, outdoor seating, and dancing, to September 6 through September 11, later this year.

For now, you can go online and order your food at greekfestde.com.