Friday, June 14th, 2024
Nameday of Elissaios, Elisaios, Elisso, Eliso, Nefon
Panagia Chapel, Diakonia Retreat Center

An Orthodox Oasis in the Blue Ridge Mountains: The Diakonia Center

The Treaty of Kuchuk-Kainarji and the Greek Revolution

Graffiti over Marble – A Profile of Greece in Crisis

Τhe area of the first residential core of Hydra

How Hydra Got its Name, and other Riddles of a Glorious Island

Primary Sources, And Their Power: The Greek Genocide In American Naval War Diaries

The Hydriot and the Argentine Navy

The attack on the Turkish flagship in the Gulf of Eressos at the Greek island of Lesvos by a fire ship commanded by Dimitrios Papanikolis - Konstantinos Volanakis (1837-1907)

Fireships: An Asymmetric Weapon That Helped Liberate Greece

Dina Adamopoulou

A Chat with the Director of the Historical Archives-Museum of Hydra

Hydra 200 Years ago… in 1820

Hydra, the “Rock of Liberty”: Leading in 2021, as in 1821

This is YOUR Bicentennial!

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in New Orleans, 1910

The Greek Princes of “King Cotton”

Tom Hanks

Citizen Hanks, Greece needs You

Flag of Samos

Samos at the Edge

South 31 Metope, Parthenon

Pammachon – A Martial Tradition and Ethos rooted in Hellenism

Greek cruiser Elli

Greek Merchant Mariners: Saying “OXI” Before OXI Day

Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad

A Trip to Bosnia and to The Bridge on the Drina

Theodoros Kolokotronis takes the Great Oath of the Filiki Eteria

Odessa: The “Society” Port

Episode from the Greek War of Independence, 1856

Thinking about the Bicentennial

Nick Theodore sworn in for his second term as Lt. Governor

Uncle Nick of Greenville


A Grandson’s Visit: Ano Kastania

Brig Ares

The Merchant Marine: An Integral Part of the Greek Identity

Hellas Liberty

The Blessed Liberty Ships: The Yeast that Caused the Greek Fleet to Rise

The Halcyon, a Panamanian registered Greek ship

The Battle of the Atlantic: The Gruesome Tale the Numbers Tell of Triumph and Tragedy

"I kseri elia" tavern, Hydra Island, Greece

Taverna Nostalgia

Smederevo: Last Stand of Serbian Byzantium