March 16th, 2013. Cherry Hill, NJ.- “The Pan-Icarian Dinner and Dance” (Atheras chapter #12) was held last Saturday night at St. Thomas Greek Orthodox church. Playing to a packed house were the “Pan Icarian band” a group of musicians who’s ties to the Pan-Icarian community are rooted all over the United States and Greece.

In true fashion, the Pan-Icarian evening got started around 8:00 pm when the doors opened, but the dancing and celebrating took them in to the morning hours. With dinner, dancing and a raffle ticket event, the members of the community found themselves celebrating with smiles and drink all night.

The Atheras chapter #12 has been in the Philadelphia area for more than 100 years now and has hosted it’s annual dance at St. Thomas for more than 35 years. They New Jersey Cherry Hill area is there home base and have a local club house where members gather regularly. They have also been awarded this years “Host National Convention Honors“. Although the event will take place in Boston (PAN-ICARIAN NATIONAL CONVENTION), their strength and leadership nationally as a member of the Brotherhood has again been honored with being the organizers of this event on August 30th 2013 (Labor Day weekend).