According to Greek Law No. 2308/95, every property located in Greece must be declared by their lawful owners in the Public Records and the National Cadaster Office by the end of the year 2016. If the owners fail to declare their properties, the Greek Government will seize the property as part of the Government-owned real estate portfolio.

Retrieving your property

  1. Will have to sue the Government
  2. Higher an attorney
  3. Go to court to re-acquire the property
  4. Paying Court and Attorney costs as well as all the fines and taxes for the property transfer

To avoid all this, please call or email us as soon as possible to get an extension and find out what is required to save your property.

Licensed Realtors that will help you and explain the process:

  • George Petrakis – HomeStarr Realty
    283 Second Street Pike, Southampton, PA 18966
    Office: 215-355-5565 & Cell: 215-620-6732
    Fax: 267-282-5666
  • Caroline El-Khorey – Quebec, Canada
  • Anton Seiss – Florida, USA
  • Christine Richard – Alberta, Canada