Saturday, June 22nd, 2024
Nameday of Evsevios, Evsevia, Zinas

Michael Nektarios Tsinganos’ Journey into the Soul of Klarino

Georgia Chletcos

Georgia Iphigenia Chletcos: Just A Girl From Upper Darby

Remembering Father John Limberakis

A Passion for the Lyra, George Karipides

Dia Karamitopoulos Yiantsos, Career, Faith, and Service

Phil Voutsakis, A Love of Music and Dance

The Two Lives of Anthony Vraim

Remembering Danielle Kousoulis, 20 Years Later

Peter Patrikios

Peter Patrikios – An Overnight Success, Twenty-five Years in the Making

Philip Nicolaides

Philip Nicolaides, A Life of Service in the Greek Community

Timmy Papanicolas – An AHEPAN Immigrant Makes it in America

Anthony Anni

Anthony Anni: How Upper Darby Shaped my Life

Alexander Kitroeff

Alexander Kitroeff, The Greek Diaspora in America and Beyond

Basil Mossaidis

Basil Mossaidis, A Generation of Patriotism to Greece and America

Nicholas Argyropoulos: “The Whole United States is Mine”

Dina Adamopoulou

A Chat with the Director of the Historical Archives-Museum of Hydra

Paula Katsikis

Paula Katsikis Konstantinides, A Nurse in the Time of COVID-19

Dr. Leo Iliadis, On the Front Line of Coronavirus

Georgia Athanasopoulos

Georgia Athanasopulos, A Love of Two Lands, Panama and Greece

Dr. Niki Mendrinos

Dr. Niki Mendrinos, Proof that Test Scores Aren’t Everything

Chris Jaymes

Chris Jaymes, Sons of Chaos – A Story of the Greek Revolution

Chris Polites

Chris Polites, A Century of Flowers

Greek-American Dora Giannakarios Preston

Dora Giannakarios Preston, They Call Me Mama

John Soloman

Soloman’s Gold Mine, The Arrow of Upper Darby

Gus V. Sermas

The Stroke of a Painter’s Brush, Gus V. Sermas

Elias Kostans, Angel On The Corner