Saturday, May 18th, 2024
Nameday of Faeini, Galateia, Galatia, Julia, Ioulia, Julia, Jule, Julie, July

A Remarkable Evening Unites Faith and Community for Global Change

IOCC Banquet

Greater Philadelphia Celebrates IOCC: A 12th Anniversary Fundraiser

IOCC Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Greater Philadelphia Committee of IOCC Hosts 10th Anniversary Benefit

10th Anniversary Event To Benefit IOCC

Archbishop Honors IOCC Benefactor

Philadelphia IOCC Chapter Celebrates 25 Years

IOCC Greater Philadelphia 25th Anniversary Banquet

Greater Philadelphia IOCC Committee Hosts Fifth Annual Benefit

Fifth Annual Benefit Banquet for IOCC

IOCC Support for Cooperatives Creates Jobs for Families in Greece

IOCC Relief Eases Hardship for Syrian Refugees and Greek Hosts

Athens residents patiently wait their turn for dry food parcels

IOCC Expands Relief to Greece’s Growing Poor

Fourth Annual IOCC Benefit Banquet

IOCC of Greater Philadelphia Annual Benefit – Photo gallery

The Greater Philadelphia Committee of IOCC Fourth Annual Benefit Banquet

IOCC expands effort to address malnutrition in Greece with aid to agriculture cooperatives

IOCC delivers relief to Gaza’s displaced families

IOCC Benefit: Make a difference in someones life

IOCC Hosts Third Annual Benefit

Greek-American Societies benefit IOCC

Healing The Hidden Wounds Of War In Syria

IOCC Delivers Winter Relief To Greece’s Most Vulnerable

Syria’s Refugee Children Face Rising Risk Of Malnutrition

IOCC reaches out to Philippines Typhoon survivors in hardest hit areas

IOCC response to the crisis in Syria