The 35th annual AHEPA track meet took place at Upper Darby, this past Sunday. Under sunny skies, 4 church community teams (St. George of Media; St. Luke’s of Broomall, St. Sophia of Valley Forge and St. Demetrios of Upper Darby) were present and participated in the afternoon’s events. The Thermopylae Chapter 445 of Delaware County organized and renamed the event after it’s long-standing members, James Tanos and then added Theophilos Constandinidis to the title. Two life long members that have since passed away. This year, another member of the Ahepa Thermopylae chapter 445 has passed. Gregory D. Vlassopoulos passed away earlier in the year. He was recognized by the AHEPA chapter at the event. His family was present in the memory of his long devotion to youth in the Greek community.

Bronze, Silver and gold medals were given out to athletes throughout the day, following each event. A formal ceremony will take place later this fall, where the winning teams will be recognized.