Elkins Park, PA – “We’ve been coming here for years. The food is always great, and there’s such a wonderful feeling of community and music. You can’t beat the OPA! Festival,” said one attendee at this year’s “OPA! A Taste of Greece” food festival.

Visitors enjoyed the fantastic weather as they indulged in delicious food and entertainment. In addition to the food and entertainment, the festival featured a presentation by kids from the Greek school on Friday, showcasing traditional Greek dances. This added an educational element to the event and gave visitors a deeper appreciation for Greek culture and traditions.

The festival continues to be open today from 3 pm until 10 pm, so visitors can still stop by with their friends or family to enjoy the festivities. Whether you’re looking to try some mouth-watering Greek food, listen to live music, watch traditional dances, or enjoy the company of others in a fun and welcoming environment, “OPA! A Taste of Greece” has something for everyone.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Ukraine Relief Fund.

Visitors to the event will be able to enjoy a range of Greek dishes, including moussaka, pastitsio, Grecian lemon chicken, lamb shank, spanakopita, dolmades, Greek village salad, gyro, chicken, and pork souvlaki, as well as a selection of beers and wines. Homemade Greek pastries such as baklava will also be available.

The outdoor seating will allow guests to enjoy the food and entertainment in a relaxed and comfortable setting. The live Greek music and dancing will add to the festive atmosphere, making it a truly immersive experience.

Overall, “OPA! A Taste of Greece” is a great event for anyone looking to experience the culture and cuisine of Greece in the heart of Elkins Park.