On Tuesday, Kast Distributors hosted their Annual Food Show 2023 at Live! Casino in Philadelphia. The event featured more than 120 vendors. Food industry professionals and visitors were treated to the latest products, ideas, and deals. Attendees also connected with other professionals in the industry and discovered new trends and how to become inspired to take their businesses to the next level.

Kast Distributors

Kast Distributors is a family-owned and operated broad-line food service distributor in South Jersey. They serve the regions of NJ, PA, DE, and MD, providing an extensive range of food service products from local and national manufacturers.

Kast Distributors operates across various regions, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. This broad coverage allows them to cater to the diverse needs of their clients.

Their brands include Restaurants Pride, Orefresco, Barista’s Cup, Frytatious, and more. Whether you are looking for high-quality meat products, fresh produce, or various dry goods, Kast Distributors has you covered.

To find out more, visit Kast Distributors’ website at www.kastdistributors.com.

Annual Food Show 2023

The Annual Food Show 2023 offered an array of exciting activities and exhibits that captured the attention of both industry professionals and visitors. The event showcased the latest products, ideas, and deals, allowing attendees to stay up-to-date with the food industry’s developments.

The event featured more than 120 vendors, including local and national manufacturers. These vendors offered various food service products, ranging from high-quality meat products to fresh produce and miscellaneous dry goods.

Attendees had the chance to connect with other professionals in the industry, exchange ideas, and create valuable partnerships. This networking opportunity proved invaluable for those looking to expand their businesses and explore new avenues for growth.

The Annual Food Show 2023 provided businesses numerous cost-saving deals on various products and services. Attendees had the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive offers and promotions, allowing them to reduce expenses and increase their bottom line.

The event served as a platform for businesses to discover new and innovative products that could enhance their offerings and attract more customers. By staying informed about the latest trends and products, businesses can maintain a competitive edge in the market.

The Annual Food Show 2023 facilitated collaboration between businesses and vendors, enabling them to form strategic partnerships and work together to achieve common goals. This collaboration can increase efficiency and improve product offerings and overall business growth.