Philadelphia, PA – The Pan-Macedonian Association USA, Philadelphia Chapters denounce the NBC news anchors who made a gross historical error during the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Opening Ceremonies.

To an audience of 26.5 million viewers, anchor Matt Lauer erroneously introduced the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) as “Macedonia” – a name that neither the United Nations nor the International Olympic Committee recognizes. Even more erroneously, the anchor proceeded to state that Philip II was a Slav who won accolades in ancient Olympics as a Macedonian (from what is now FYROM) a statement inconsistent with history.

The Pan-Macedonian Association, Philadelphia Chapters of Pavlos Melas, Amalia, and Alexander the Great call on NBC to publicly recant this blatant error. Macedonia, Philip II, his son Alexander the Great, and all Macedonians were, are, and always will be Greek. The Pan-Macedonian Association will always fight to preserve this historical truth.

Please lend your support by signing the Pan-Macedonian Association’s petition on the subject at the link below: