In response to hand-wringing and despair over the economic crisis in Greece, this wordless video celebrates beauty, grace and civilization in the streets of Athens. Taking to the streets and working with the natural hustle and bustle in cities around the world, Jevan Chowdhury’s latest film ‘Moving Athens’ pairs together dance, music and film into one striking piece of art. His stories rely on capturing improvised and raw moments in time while weaving them together into one tapestry of sight and sound.

The timing couldn’t have been better. With youth unemployment rates in Greece hovering just below 50%, ‘Moving Athens’ is a testimony to the power of dance. Set against a backdrop of urban decay as well as architectural durability, dancers improvise across a range of dance genres, from ballet to street. Their movements synchronise with and are a counterpoint to the traffic that continues to speed across the city, evidence that despite the challenges, life in Athens continues at a pace.

‘Moving Athens’ is sixth in an award-winning collection of works by the London-based film-maker, Jevan Chowdhury to capture the world as a stage. Life on the street in London, Paris, Brussels, Prague and Yerevan in Armenia, have all been recorded in this growing canon. Together, they have garnered 10 international prizes from film festivals around the world.

Moving Athens was produced by Wind & Foster, in collaboration with Stefi Productions, Athens Video Dance Project and Athens School of Fine Arts. The soundtrack was produced by Danny Odom (MODE).

Found on Moving Cities.