Wilmington, DE – Odyssey Charter School in Wilmington, Delaware, has been making waves in the education world with its unique blend of Hellenic education, culture, and the arts, seamlessly integrated with AI technology. The school has recently been in the news for its innovative education approach and commitment to community service and preparing students for the future.

Last Monday, the school hosted the “Roadshow for Opportunity,” which showcased the school’s innovative programs and initiatives. The tour began at the Hydroponics Lab, where high school students demonstrated the hands-on harvesting experiences they had gained through their Food Science courses. The harvested food is donated to those without access to fresh produce, highlighting the school’s commitment to community service.

The tour continued with a visit to the Urban Farm, which houses three goats and 16 egg-laying chickens, including the newest addition, Athena. The school’s commitment to eco-friendly initiatives was evident throughout the tour.

Odyssey Charter School implements the award-winning Hellenic education model, which immerses students in the Greek Language and instills a foundation in civics, classical thinking, and the Socratic method. Director Elias Papas emphasizes, “There is no greater good than to teach people to honor each other,” this philosophy echoes throughout the school’s deep, immersive learning environment.

The finale showcased business pitches from the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow, highlighting Odyssey’s commitment to preparing students for the future. Teens at Odyssey have the unique opportunity to enroll in the University of Delaware Horn Program’s EntreX Lab: High School Entrepreneurship Learning Experience, which provides hands-on experiences and accelerated learning outcomes, including participation in the globally recognized Diamond Challenge curriculum.

Odyssey Charter School’s commitment to innovative education and community service earned it a coveted STOP Award and Yass Prize Finalist slot in December 2023, positioning it as a global change-maker. With a sprawling campus and over 2,200 students, Odyssey is an intersection of innovation.