Upper Darby, PA – Neither zone or man to man defense could hold off the Outlaws as they cruised through the Revolution. Their fourth victory takes them into first place in the (blue) division and out front of the league. Along with The Process in the Gold division, they are the only two teams who are still unbeaten.

Buckets were exchanged between the Rev’s and the Outlaws for much of the first half, and the game stayed close. However, the lethal combination of veteran and new talent became evident by the end of the first half, when the Outlaws jumped out to a 22 point lead. Four of the seven players were in double digits-scoring. Laz Mackridis of the Outlaws dominated, both on the boards and jumping on the fast breaks. He led all scorers with 23 points, three-three pointers, and was 4 for 6 from the line. “We needed a few games to get comfortable with each other, but we know feel like we’re a team”, said Mackridis. The Outlaws appear to be making an early run to dominate. Let’s see if they can keep it up. They’re off next week. But faceoff against the other undefeated team, The Process. That matchup should be a forerunner for the playoffs.

The PGBL also had a surprise guest from the Philadelphia 76ers present. Matt Julian, account executive for group events, handed out Sixers bags and spoke to fans about the upcoming Sixers Greek Heritage Night.

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Scores and Stats

Outlaws 82, Revolution 65
Laz Mackridis (Outlaws) 22 pts, Gus Rombos (Revolution) 23 pts, Vasilis Nasis (Revolution) 22 pts

Warriors 53, Bucks 36
Kosta Nikolos 14 pts, J. Kotopoulos 8 pts

PAS Giannina 52, Rockets 49
Evan Tsiklidis (PAS Giannina) 28 pts, Ben Voudouris (Rockets) 12 pts