Upper Darby, PA – Triantafilos Poursanidis and Mihalis Kaliontzidis joined forces on Saturday evening for a benefit concert at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. The fundraiser was for the Holy Institution of Panagia Soumela in West Milford New Jersey.

Pontian clubs from Canada, New York, and Connecticut attended the fundraiser for the landmark facility that plays a special role for the Pontian community. Each year several key events on the calendar are hosted there, including August 15th, the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. Many spend the weekend there on the campgrounds that have been established, playing music,  dancing and performing theatrical reenactments about genocide and daily life in the historic homeland.

The Akritai of Philadelphia have made been instrumental in helping preserve and perpetuate the grounds, church facility. Each year, they participate in several performances and help manage the upkeep at Panagia Soumela. The funds from this weekend’s dance went towards the mortgage and other areas of support of Panagia Soumela. For more information about Panagia Soumela and their upcoming events, you can visit them online at¬†panagiasoumela.org.