Thessaloniki, Greece – Last week, Photoglobe Seminars in downtown Thessaloniki hosted its first student exhibit titled RGB. Curated by director Vasiliki Eleftheriou, the event featured an array of photography skills from lovers of the art. So what does RGB mean? For photographers, it’s one of the first things they learn when studying photography.

RGB (red/green/blue) is a common term associated with the three additive primary colors, red, green, and blue. They are combined to create a broad array of colors or when combined evenly, create white light.

Sixteen participants exhibited some 65 photos to an enthusiastic audience in a city that loves the visual arts. The images mirrored the experiences and landscapes of the people of the city. The images were made by photography fans and those with a passion to learn the craft. The event continued for several days and attracted many from the surrounding area. That should come as no surprise for photo enthusiasts. Thessaloniki has a wonderful film and photo reputation. Most of those that visit Greece think of the Islands or Athens when it comes to the visual arts. In fact, this city, the second-largest in Greece, competes with big brother Athens when it comes to photography and film.

Each year it hosts the annual Thessaloniki International Film Festival and is home to the famed Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki. With two major media attractions of this caliber, this seaside historic city with its Byzantine monuments is an excellent backdrop for shooting and featuring photography.

Photoglobe Seminars in downtown Thessaloniki is a growing business that caters to this passion and utilizes the surrounding region for its students. Courses are not restricted to traditional classrooms. Instead, photographic excursions, tours, and exhibitions are the norm here. They enrich and provoke the creative process by enticing their participants to be part of this very visual city.

Instructors of the seminars are distinguished professionals, including Vasiliki Eleftheriou, Tasos Fokas, and Panos Mansalis. Natives of the city, they work closely with each participant. They offer beginner and advanced classes in photography and workshops that focus on personal growth. Their motto, “to have fun and be creative”. It’s a simple concept that’s being embraced by its community and gives the people of Thessaloniki a great sense of pride. Photoglobe Seminars appears to be a perfect match; a jewel that is shining for a city that has been struggling with the economic crisis.

Video is courtesy of FreshVideo.