Upper Darby, PA – Danny’s Boys ran through the Spartans for nearly 13 minutes of the first half, outscoring them 26-0 before the Spartans would score. Danny’s Boy’s would show no mercy in this routing.

It would appear that last week, they were simply out of sync in their loss to the Sixers. But tonight, they came in with a game plan and stuck to it. Dropping a half dozen three pointers in the first half, and controlling the tempo throughout the game, Danny’s Boys showed why they are contenders and still the champs. Final score: Danny’s Boys 77, Spartans 41.

In game two, team Hellas played with a lot of passion and exchanged the lead throughout the game with the young Warriors. The Warriors played a tough defensive game on the boards holding off Hellas, most of the 1st half. But halfway into the second half, team Hellas penetrated and grabbed the lead and controlled the boards. The Warriors regrouped and stuck a few outside shots, and then held off team Hellas from claiming their second victory. Final score: Warriors 43, Hellas 36.

The red hot Sixers, having come off their miracle win against Danny’s Boys were facing the winless Mavericks in the third matchup. Led by Eddie Bekas and Chris Vasiliou the Sixers jumped out to a 10 point lead by halftime. The Mavs. got with in four after Chris Vasiliou twisted an ankle and sat out the much of the second half. Missed foul shots by both teams could have been the difference for either team to take the victory. Final score: Sixers 37, Mavericks 31.