Mr. PGBL’s Corner

Grizzlies 56 vs. Mavs 45

YES you did read that correctly. The Grizz win! I predicted it early in the season, and it finally has happened. The Grizzlies just needed us to “bear” with them until they got their full roster back. Jim Kemmerer has been a delight to watch these last few weeks. With 20 points tonight, he proved that he is an all star caliber player with speed and shooting strengths. Andrew Milonas scored 14 points tonight and even though he looked cold from the 3 point line, Andrew pulled up for a long 2 late in the game and buried it to give the Grizz a 7 point lead which they would never give up. Nick Kafkalas also scored 14 points, most from the paint. Nobody uses the glass like this guy down low. With toughness, determination and no shortage of heart, these guys fought for 2 years and finally got a win. Hopefully this will lead to many more.

Game ball goes to Jim Contoudis, for keeping faith in his players

Arseniko 50 vs. Sixers 43

Arseniko is a team of young, scrappy players who give their all every game. Almost every game there is a different scoring leader and today that leader was Chris Voutsakis. Chris scored 21 points tonight and the way he did it was very impressive. Voutsakis had to deal with Jim Armenakis down low and held his ground. Rebounds, points, and tough play in the paint by Voutsakis helped Arseniko secure the game and a playoff spot. Alexi Topalidis played well with 12 points including 2 three pointers later in the game which came at crucial times. Every point in this game was crucial considering how close it was.

Now losing 3 of their last 4 games, the Sixers need to stay patient and understand that their playoff bid is secure, and we all know playoffs are the only games that really matter. Jim Armenakis carried the offense today with 24 points. That’s more than 50% of the teams total points. NOBODY ELSE scored more than 2 baskets for the Sixers! Tony Grammenos was quiet once again with only 4 points and needs to pick it up fast if the Sixers are going to have a chance come playoff time. Without Grammenos this team is good, with him firing on all cylinders they can be great. Especially with the on ball defense of my Defensive Player of the Year choice, Alex Zikos.

Game ball goes to Chris Voutsakis

Spurs 60 vs. Terps 58

Along with the Kings’ Bill Zonios, Vas Rousseas can be called the most clutch player in the PGBL. Today he proved once again why he is Mr. Clutch in crunch time. Rousseas scored 19 points, 13 in the second half, went 12 for 12 from the free throw line and led his team vocally and defensively. With 10 seconds to go and the Spurs down 1, Rousseas stepped to the strike to knock down a pair of free throws which gave the Spurs the lead and win. Kosta Nikolos was consistent all game with a game high 27 points. Nikolos was 13-18 from the free throw line and had a brilliant first half with 17 points. Nikolos is a main reason the Terps were in foul trouble. The Spurs trailed by as many as 19 points tonight but slowly climbed back into it with the veteran leadership of Nikolos and Rousseas.

The Terps’ playoff dreams come to an end tonight with a frustrating loss. This game should have been theirs but fouling too much will always end bad. The Terps committed 17 fouls in the second half… way too much, especially when you have a big lead. Niko Balis led the team again with 23 points, including 3 long three pointers in the second half that came from way behind the line. Balis got out into the fast break early and shot well from 3 point land late. Pete Kyriakodis was one of the Terps in foul trouble tonight but that didn’t stop him from scoring 17 points and getting several steals.

Game ball goes to Kosta Nikolos and Vas Rousseas