Warriors 65 vs. Revolution 52

The defending champions looked extra focused tonight. Maybe because desperate times call for desperate measures. Led in scoring by Aris Haritonidis with 20 points, Aris hit some big shots to crush the Rev’s hopes every time a run happened. George Vlahos scored 18 points, and the league’s leading scorer controlled the pace of the game very well. The Warriors need to use this game as a catalyst of confidence for the remaining games. If they do that, and also keep getting 15 points from Will Galiatsatos, as they did tonight, the Warriors will be a scary team to face in the playoffs. Next game against the Mavs on Sunday gives them a chance to get back to .500, and back to focusing on their goal… Repeat.

For the first time of the season, The Rev number 1 power ranking may be in jeopardy. With the Kings surging and the Rev dropping 2 of 3 games. Tonight, I believe was just an off night where the Rev didn’t have the focus they usually bring. Kosta Pavlidis led the team with 15 points and has been a rock for this team all season. Tough and relentless, but tonight was not enough. Especially when the Rev leading scorer Pete Kada only scores 10 points. Kada was not efficient tonight and in my opinion took too many wild shots. Kada will have to shoot better percentage shots, and we know how much of a threat he can be when he does this, in order for the Rev to keep winning at this pace. Pete Kada is one of my candidates for league MVP this year and along with a select other few. Evan Ginis was a good clean up man I should add, scoring 11 points and some nice short jumpshots.

Game ball goes to Aris Haritonidis

Kings 74 vs. Sixers 52

Now winners of 6 straight games, the Kings are the hottest team in the league. And it doesn’t hurt to have 2 guys who are both candidates for league MVP. Foti Giannopoulos and Bill Zonios. Both scoring 24 points tonight. Giannopoulos did what he’s been doing all season, rebounding, scoring and blocking shots. Foti can do it from inside and out, which is what makes him such a threat. Bill Zonios is having an excellent 2nd half of the season, dropping 21 three pointers in his last 4 games, including 6 tonight. When he is hot, nobody shoots the 3 ball better. Another bright spot for the Kings tonight was Chris Avgiris, who dropped 4 three pointers of his own for 16 points. The Kings defense looked pretty sharp but what I’ve noticed in the past few weeks is these guys have the best half court offense in the league. Any of us who’ve played against them know to watch the corner when facing the Kings’ Triangle.

The Sixers slip into the 3rd seed in the playoff race and 3rd in my power rankings… for now. What needs to be mentioned is Tony Grammenos was not in the building for the Sixers, apparently suffering from the flu. This didn’t help the Sixers chances tonight. But one player who stepped up was Jim Armenakis with 23 points. Armenakis is arguably the best center in PGBL History, but that didn’t stop him from stepping outside and drilling 3 three balls in the second half alone. Jim Voutsinas scored 12 points and continues to be a weak side menace. When the shot goes up, somebody better put a body on Voutsinas. With a game on Sunday against the Spurs, the Sixers have a chance to get one back in the W column. Another thing I’ll mention is the very good defense of Alex Zikos, who didn’t have a good game offensively, but made his presence felt of the defensive end.

Game ball goes to the King’s Triangle Offense

Terps 59 vs. Grizzles 38

Niko Balis followed up his 41 point game a few weeks ago with a 30 point performance tonight. Balis was hot from outside with 4 three pointers. What impressed me tonight was Balis’ defense. I would say 5-6 steals for Niko and some nice passes and finishes on the fast break. Nobody else needed to score much for the Terps since Balis has been carrying the offensive load but I will mention the team defense was very solid, and the hustle of Pete Kyriakodis ( 9pts ) is so valuable to this team. With him diving on the floor for loose balls, and hustling back on defense to stop opposing fast breaks, the Terps are a far better team . Next game against the Warriors next week. That game could mean a lot in terms of playoff standings.

Playoffs is not something the Grizzles can talk about this year. But one thing they can hang their hat on is the improvement they’ve made. With the addition of Jimmy Kemmerer (15pts), teams can’t take the Grizzlies lightly any more. Helping Kemmerer with the scoring tonight was Pete Tsamoutalis with 12 points. Pete has been a bright spot for the Grizz all season with his post moves and strength. Also the leadership of Laz Karasavas, helping the team vocally has been helpful. But the season is almost over, with games against the Rev, Mavs, Spurs and Warriors remaining. The Grizz have 4 more chances to get that first W.

Game ball goes to Niko Balis