Upper Darby, PA – They say, “If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself”. Well last night they wanted it and they went out and did it. Team Hellas brought it home for the first time, ever. It’s not a streak to be proud of, but it’s finally over. The former FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) team, now Hellas, has broken the spell and broken the longest losing streak, with their first victory. Congratulations.

Spartans 61 vs. Revolution 44

Spartans get their 2nd win of the season last night behind 22 points from Pete Tsamoutalis who’s baby hook shot was falling consistently. Pete was active on the rebounds and used his body well to box out. Elias Apsis was heating it up from the outside with 19 points including 5 three pointers. What I like about his shot is he doesn’t rush it. He takes his time and always follows through. The Spartans beat a team with only 4 players last night so nothing special was accomplished but they did take care of business. Next up for the Spartans, the Kings on Sunday.

An unusual situation last night for the Rev. They could only manage to get 4 players to the game. Life is difficult with family, work and other obligations and I’m sure they tried what they could, as they did on the court. Kosta Pavlidis showed a lot of fight, driving to the basket relentlessly and dropping 5 threes in the second half alone! Kosta ended with 19 points and Pete Kada right on his average of 16. It was difficult for the Rev, having only 4 players means more running on defense and I’m sure they’re feeling it today.

Game ball: Pete Tsamoutalis

Warriors 52 vs. Sixers 45

Man what a run for the Warriors! Nick Karalis put on a show, scoring 27 points and boosting the Warriors to a 22-3 run! That run happened just as the 2nd half began and gave the Warrior bench something to cheer about. Karalis scored 22 of his points in the 2nd half before he fouled out with several minutes remaining in the game. He did it inside, outside and defensively. Great job, his best game of the season. Will Galliatsatos picked up right where Nick left off, late in the game. Will’s aggressiveness kept the Warriors going and helped them maintain the lead. Good job by Pete “Tank” Pappas as well, hitting some big free throws and a couple tough shots in the paint.

After controlling most of the 1st half, the Sixers lost control in the 2nd half. Much of that had to do with some sloppy turnovers. The Sixers are relying on Chris Vasiliou for the bulk of their scoring and Chris is giving his all, scoring 29 points last night but it does take a toll. What seemed like tired legs caused him to shoot 7-16 from the free throw line, a percentage I, and Chris himself I’m sure are very surprised with. Nobody else on the team scored more than 5 points, and that won’t win games. The Sixers are struggling to get more players to the games and are dealing with a depleted roster, but they will be in the playoffs, and it’s a whole new ballgame there.

Game ball: Nick Karalis

Ellas 43 vs. Mavs 36

ZITO H ELLAS! Finally the boys in blue are able to get over the hump! Dimitri Zikos had a great game with 20 points. Dimitri seems like a totally new player from previous years, and even in the last few weeks he is emerging as a threat in the PGBL. Last night he scored from the paint, 3 point land, and even got to the free throw line where he shot a high percentage. Looking forward to watching him play more this season. Spyro Raptis scored 14 last night, 11 of which came in the first half. Spyro’s shot was on as he shot a high percentage from 3 point range. Congrats to Ellas!

The Mavs battled hard, and let an opportunity slip away. Turnovers and fouls put them in a hole they couldn’t dig themselves out of. Although the Mavs did show heart, fighting till the last minute. Theo Arapis played his best game of the season with 15 points, going 4-5 from the free throw line. Here is my advice to the Mavs… put guys in designated spots on the court, and work on passing the ball accurately. If players are comfortable moving the ball, the turnovers will drop and you will be happier.

Game ball: Dimitri Zikos