The Outlaws came out swinging last night in the twelfth PGBL championship. When the smoke cleared, they had laid claim to their first championship over Tune Squad.

An aggressive fastbreak attack gave the Outlaws a 9-3 lead, as they quickly jumped out over Tune Squad. Their team was bigger and had better talent. But could they win? Last year, they lost to the Kings who had been in the PGBL finals for the last six years.

Tune Squad, a group of seasoned PGBL veterans, for the most part, reminded the Outlaws of their loss, as they quickly came back and took the lead by half time 36 to 30. They did it with tough defense and their patience to work the ball around the perimeter. But as the second half began, defensive foul trouble and injuries opened the door again for the Outlaws, who took advantage of this. Louie Karapanagiotidis and Chris Vasiliou played key roles all night; they managed to dish the ball and stick necessary shots when needed.

But the Outlaws had their duo, Jimmy Armentani and Laz Mackrides who played pivotal roles in the victory. Mackrides who’s number is 33, made as many important buckets. While Armentani filled in when needed all over the floor. Fast breaks, assists, and drawing fouls had Tune Squad unbalanced midway through the second half where they reclaimed the lead and would never look back. Mackrides and Armantani were on a roll, and the Tune Squad was in trouble, as they fell behind, 60-51, with eight minutes left.

We can’t say that Tune Squad didn’t have their chances. They managed to get inside the paint over and over again but could not convert simple layups and rebounds. With less than two minutes left in the game, the Outlaws finally pulled away by ten 75-65. They continued to force Tune Squad into turnovers and missed shots. Chr is Vasiliou did all he could. But Costa Mackrides proved why his team would not be denied this year.

Final Score: Outlaws 80, Tune Squad 68.