Upper Darby, PA – A week away from the playoffs on the final night of the PGBL season, the Wolfpack and Kings played for fun. The meaningless matchup made sure nobody got hurt, and both teams got a chance to feel each other out. The mostly Upper Darby crowd showed up as well to cheer on the Pack. Most of the players are local members of the church.

Wolfpack 74, Kings 55

It had all the makings of practice game on the playground. You know, the kind you play on the playground with everyone getting their shots before the night ends. The light workout gave everyone a shot at dropping a bucket and practicing their moves. When it was all said and done, both teams walked away with one thing in mind, next week’s playoffs. The Pack will be seated second against the Warriors, while the Kings will meet up with Boardwalk Empire. Both teams are favored to advance.

Warriors 53, Hellas 46

A scrappy matchup in the first half had Hellas leading at halftime. After the break, the Warriors regrouped and went on a 10-0 run and stayed. They stayed out in front the rest of the way and brought home the win. The Warriors finished the season in 7th place and will matchup against the Wolfpack next Thursday in the first round of the playoffs.

PAS Giannina 78, Lakers 47

PAS Giannina steamrolled past the Lakers in the final game of the season. Pas Giannina ended the season 8-8, much further up the rankings than last year. They also advanced to the playoffs next week where they will play the number four seed, Danny’s Boys. It should be a great game to watch.