Terps 58 vs. Revolution 53

Who would of thought, the Terps could come into this game an 11 point underdog. Show up with only 5 players, and beat a FULL Revolution team, handing them their first loss of the season. Niko Balis led his team with 16 points, some big shots in the second half, and a couple nice assists late in the game to help ice the victory. Pete O’Hara made his first appearance of the year, scoring 14 points and using his speed to get to the basket. The Terps had a lead for most of this game. Can they use this as momentum? We shall see.

Nobody’s perfect. No teams are perfect. It happens to the best of us, we have a let down. The Revolution came into this game feeling untouchable, but they didn’t produce offensively like they usually do. Partly because of very good defense by the Terps. Pete Kada led his team with 18 points, many of those off of fast breaks, something he’s been doing a lot of and having success with all season. Vasili Nasis and Gus Rombos both had 13 points, which sounds like an average scoring night for both of them. But Kosta Pavlidis had a slow night offensively. If Pete Kada and Kosta Pavlidis stay on their scoring averages, the Rev are nearly impossible to beat. Unfortunately the Revolution had 3 players ejected from this game and I’m sure there are some suspensions coming.

Game ball goes to Niko Balis.

Kings 86 vs. Warriors 74

The Kings really know how to put you on the edge of your seat. This was probably the game of the year so far. A double O.T. thriller! Foti Giannopoulos is playing like a champ. Giannopoulos’ 26 points and huge rebounds helped the Kings stay on pace with the Warriors throughout the game. Chris Kourelias was big as well with 26 points. Kourelias is having a great season so far. He does it from every spot on the court, even high up in the air. But Bill Zonios (23pts), arguably the best closer in the league, stole the show again with another buzzer beating shot at the end of regulation which tied the game and sent it to overtime. As if that wasn’t enough, Zonios was fouled on a three point attempt with just seconds left in the first OT, and knocked down all 3 free throws to send it to double OT where the Kings would pull away. The Kings’s big 3 of Kourelias, Zonios, and Giannopoulos combined for 75 points.

I watched this game closely and the Warriors played very well. They shouldn’t hang their heads on this one because the reality is, the Warriors are STILL THE CHAMPS. The Warriors were led in scoring by Aris Haritonidis with 22 points. Aris was quiet in the 1st half but came alive in the second with clutch 3 pointers to help the see saw go towards the Warriors. George Vlahos was under his average with 18 points and wasn’t as aggressive as we usually see from him. Nick Karalis scored 12 points but the Warriors were out worked by the Kings tonight. Also another Warriors ejection will lead to another suspension when they face the Surging Spurs next week. This would be a perfect game for the Warriors to come together and overcome adversity. NOTE- Will Galiatsatos was not in the lineup for the Warriors tonight.

Game ball goes to Kings big 3: Kourelias, Giannopoulos, Zonios.

Sixers 65 vs. Mavs 43

Cruise control in this one for the Sixers as they improve to 6-3 and are in second place. Tony Grammenos played I would say half of this game, and still managed to drop 28 points. LOL is all I have to say about that. Grammenos is an offensive machine and I need to think of a nickname for him. How about the “Silent Killer”, I will stick with that one. Jim Armenakis and Jim Voutsinas scored 10 points each, which was more than enough to get the job done over a short handed Mavs team. The Sixers face the Grizzlies on Sunday with an opportunity to put it in cruise control once again. But don’t overlook the Grizz. They have been in some close games this year.

Tough night to get through if you were the Mavs. They were short handed with only 5 players, and going up against the biggest, and one of the best teams in the league. Big bright spot though was Zois Gassis who reached what I believe is his PGBL career high 23 points. Gassis was a big precense down low and even hit a jump shot or two. The Mavs have heart and will not bow down to anybody as they showed fight today, and have done before. The Mavs were missing their leading scorer Dimitri Poulimenos, and due to a suspension were also without their starting point guard Dino Thomazos. Next game for the Mavs is next week in a battle of old teammates. Mavs at 8 oclock.

Game ball goes to – Tony Grammenos.