Upper Darby, PA – What started out as a great matchup between the league and former champs, ended like a deflated balloon before the game was over. The Wolfpack and Danny’s Boys were neck and neck for three-quarters of the match before a knee injury to Danny’s Boys (league 2016 MVP) Pete Kathopoulos changed what may have been a great game.

Wolfpack 56, Danny’s Boys 42

Throughout the evening the two teams butted heads in what looked to be a scrappy matchup. The Wolfpack’s Chris Voutsakis was aggressively working the offensive boards, while George Vlahos was everywhere on the court attacking anyone with the ball and driving to the bucket. But Danny’s Boys looked just as fearless, as Pete Kathopoulos would drop bucket after bucket from all anywhere he pleased. At halftime, the teams were separated by one point, 16-15. The second half appeared to be much the same, with both teams on the attack and showing no signs of wearing out. Five minutes into the second half everything changed when Kathopoulos took off on a fastbreak alone. By the time he reached the top of the offensive key, Kathopoulos had dropped to the ground and clenched his knee. The game stopped as Kathopoulos stumbled off the floor. His night had ended.

Although the score was 34 – 33, the game might as well have been over then. The Boys game turned flat, and they were completely out of sync. Minutes later, the Pack had jumped out ahead to a 49-35 point lead. The thirteen point run secured the victory as the Boys gave up minutes before the final whistle. What appeared to be great game ended on a sour note.

Kings 67, Lakers 62

Ask Bill Zonios why his team won shorthanded last night against the Lakers, and he will tell you, “Pure heart. We don’t have enough guys most weeks. Today we only had four, so we dug deep, and did our best to get a win because we know we have to keep up with Danny’s Boys and the Wolfpack to get that 1st, 2nd or 3rd seat”. It’s the relentless determination of this team I admire. Coming into the season, they were arguably the most talented bunch. Their speed, shooting, and union appeared to make them a team that could get them to the championship. But with three of their starters out for what seems to be the rest of the season, this team is being challenged by laws of probability. Last night, Bill Zonios led his team to the victory with 23 points and more importantly, made a statement. The Kings will fight you to the end, and they’re going to be in the playoffs.

Revolution 71, PAS Giannina 55

Someone said to me last night, PAS Giannina is a team that looks fearless. Indeed they are. They are constantly on the attack and have proven they come to play week after week. The Revolution are just as determined, having to beat all the league leaders in the standings. Last night the pair faced off and kept the party going through much of the evening. But the Rev’s proved to be a team destined to go to the big one. Late in the game the Revolution machine pulled away and added another win.