Philadelphia, PA – On Sunday evening Philly’s Best Steak Co. celebrated a milestone and announced their new company president. “We applaud the determination & effort you have demonstrated. We are so proud as we pass the baton to Zafeiris, the new president of Philly’s Best Steak Co,” said Mela Akranis, VP of Business Relations.

Employees, friends, and the Akranis family shared the special evening at the Water Works Restaurant in Philadelphia and witnessed several announcements. Senior members of the family would now play a less active role and allow the next generation of the family to manage the company. Georgia Akranis, who has been working in the family business since five years old, is now the Operations Manager, while brother Niko Akrinis has assumed the duties of Production Manager.

The family-run business was founded 25 years ago by two Greek brothers, Odysseas and Stathis. It grows internally and across the nation with a broad range of products. To find out more, visit them online at