Thessaloniki, Greece – More than 12,500 Pontian music lovers, gathered and created a dance line on Tuesday evening at the concert “Together… with soul !” Famed brothers Constantine and Matthew Tsahouridis led the “Omal” Pontian dance with singing and music. The performance which encircled the entire exhibition center was hosted at the 81st Thessaloniki International Fair.

“Omal” was one of the first Pontic Greek dances to be developed in the region of Pontos. It is a relaxed dance that usually preludes the Tik dance. It is very simple and popular since it only includes six different steps.

Moderators were spread out over 36 positions across the exhibition. Approximately 20 minutes after starting the “Omal” the thousands of participants that came from all over Greece joined hands and reached their goal. Brothers Constantine and Matthew led the growing dancers, until Konstantinos Tsahouridis, announced that the participants had surpassed the 12,500!

The Thessaloniki International Fair is an annual commercial exhibition event of great importance in Greece and Southeastern Europe, taking place at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center. The fair was first held in 1926 and today it is organized by HELEXPO. It is customary for the country’s prime minister to set out his government’s policies for each coming year in a speech at the annual Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, and for this reason, the event has political significance in addition to its commercial importance.