The Great Catastrophe: forgotten genocide

The achievements of the Greeks in Asia Minor and Pontos in philosophy, history, literature and science continue to enrich our lives.

This legacy is with us each day, and the facts and reasons behind the destruction of Greek civilization in this part of the world between 1913 and 1923 must be thoroughly documented and understood.

The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center (AMPHRC) is seeking your support for the production of a powerful documentary appropriate for public television, cable networks, the Internet etc. In our age of mass-communication, we can reach a vast and diverse audience worldwide. We possess sufficient photographs, archival films, HD footage and documents, as well as videotaped lectures and interviews of many historians.

Currently, a basic plan for production awaits funding. We urge you to share this information and encourage you to contribute to this important historical representation of a genocide which must not be “forgotten” a moment longer.

With your support, this powerful documentary can air on public television, cable networks, or Internet, reaching and audience throughout the world. Your donation of $10, $20, $50, $100 or more will make it possible.

If you wish to donate any amount of money by sending us a check, please proceed as follows:

Make your check payable to: AMPHRC
Mail it to: AMPHRC, P.O. Box 6127, Bloomingdale, IL. 60108-6127