The ancient Greeks according to some researchers didn’t allow athletes before the Olympic Games to engage in sexual activity, “a historic element that has become a kind of mythology in sport,” said Greg Whyte, a professor in sports science at John Moores University in an interview with the Guardian. “The Ancient Greeks believed it was detrimental in the build-up to the Olympics, that it sapped energy, lowered testosterone and reduced aggression”.

Whyte and others have debunked this theory and claim that the only thing that matters is plenty of sleep for an athlete the night before a major event like the World Cup.

Tell that to some of the coaches of the 32 teams competing for the World Cup. Mexico, Brazil, Spain Bosnia, Chile and Germany have all banned their players from having sex during the month long tournament.

The Brazilian coach Scolari said that he would not allow his players to perform “Acrobatic Sex” and Mexico’s coach Miguel Herrera told newspaper REFORMA “if a player can’t go one month or 20 days without having sexual relations, then they are not prepared to be a professional player,” besides who can blame him when several prostitution scandals for his team over the past few years led to suspensions and fines.

World Cup champions Spain were robbed while the players were partying with hookers during the 2013 confederations cup.

The Americans? German head coach Juergen Klinsmann says:

“I think we are very casual in the way we approach things. Their families can come pretty much any time. They will be at the games, they can come by at the hotel, we will have barbecues together,” Every nation is different. I’ve played in different countries where, you know, you didn’t see your girlfriend or your wife for two months. That was more the Italian background when I played in Italy. So I respect the Mexican approach because it’s more their culture at that moment. I think we have a group of guys together and an environment together that is very open, it’s very casual. But once we go on the field for training and also for the games, we are very serious and down to business.”

I want to find out where the Greeks stand on this issue but the Greek soccer federation and the coach haven’t taken a stance on the matter so I decide to do some digging.

I start analyzing this sex thing and my research leads me to a study conducted by condom manufacturer Durex.

26,000 people from 26 nations were surveyed and the Greeks win the World Sex Cup.

Who else but us!

We Greeks have sex 164 times a year so with that in mind I wouldn’t be the least surprised if the Greek players were banned from any sexual activity.

Can you imagine the embarrassment right before the game? Thousands in the stands and millions watching on tv and as coach Santos is counting his players Thanasi, Giorgo, Yianni , Panagioti and Stathi are nowhere to be found? “Wait mr. Referee, they’ll be here any minute, they are having acrobatic sex right now”.

Who has the least sex? The Japanese (48 times/year on average).

So we have the most sexually active (Greeks) vs the least sexually active, (Japanese) competing in the same group for a position in the round of 16 and the theory of the ancient Greeks that pre game sex alters performance will be put to the test next Thursday at 6pm.

My prediction? Never bet against the ancient Greeks.