March 28th 2013. Wayne, Pa.- With youthful enthusiasm and sportsmanship, our Greek-American soccer teams completed a first ever yesterday in the “35 and Older Adult Soccer league”. Each of the three teams,”Pas Yiannina”, “United FC” and “Old Boys” all won their games and they did it with a commanding effort.


Pick up soccer games in the Greek-American community are tied into many neighborhoods and communities where Greeks thrived and settled in to historically. One of those groups began many years ago at the Cardington-Stonehurst playground just behind 69th street, in Upper Darby, Pa.

That historic Greek community where so many Greeks immigrated (from Greece) to continues, albeit a lot smaller. Most families moved further in to the suburbs and became part of the large American melting pot where they also took their love of sport, in this case soccer. Several different social/pick up leagues in Western Delaware county, around the Marple Newtown area H.S. and route 926 in Newtown Square developed where a large community of second and third generation Hellenes settled.

Now, some 20-30 years later many of these 1st generation Greeks and Greek-Americans have formed teams and are playing in a larger league (YSC-Mens League/ 35 and Older). Three Greek teams are represented in this league of 20 that has become the premier place to compete for lovers of the sport. “I come because I get to be around my friends I grew up with and be part of the fun” said Agapios Bouikids of Middletown, Pa. Bouikidis grew up in the heart of Upper Darby, Cardington-Stonehurst, just down the street from St. Demtrios Greek Orthodox church.

They still get together on Sunday afternoons at Marple Newtown, H.S. and on route 926 for friendly games amongst old friends, but their also growing fast. With three teams in the “YSC ADULT MENS LEAGUE“ the Greeks are looking to expand to a fourth team. Tim Mironidis, the Commisioner of the Greek teams, says “We are looking for 2 more players to complete and create a fourth team, a captain and a goalie”. Mironidis also a player on United FC,says that the potential for an all Greek league is there in the future and if anyone out there is interested in joining up with this fast growing league, that he is the contact person for the “Greek teams” and should be contacted at: 610-316-7115.

While both OLD BOYS and UNITED F.C. won there respected games last night, they are also holding up in the middle of the pack of 20. PAS YIANNINA has been the stand out team this year with a 6-1 record and holding on to 2nd place over all in the league. Playoffs are scheduled to start in just a couple of weeks, where Pas Yiannina is expected to do well and potentially win the league title.

Check in with Cosmos Philly in a few weeks to see how they all faired.

By: Eleftherios Kostans