Wednesday, December 8th, 2021
Nameday of Patapios

Cretans Host Annual Dance

A Lecture on Skopian Strategy by Nikos Lygeros

Armenians and Greeks Commemorate Pontian Genocide at 79th Annual Dance

Cretans of Delaware Valley to host Glenti Night 2018

Pontian Akritai to host 79th Annual Thanksgiving Dance

Andros Society Celebrates 57th Year

Beneficial Velvendinon Society “Philopatria” Celebrates 115 Years

The Velvendinon Society “Philopatria” to host 115th Anniversary Dance

Brotherhood of Demati announces Annual Dinner Dance 2018

Corthion Andros Society of NJ, Glendi 2018

Greek Dance Echoes a Reminder, Macedonia is Greece

Macedonian Paniyri taking place at St. George in Media

Akritai Host Annual Pontian Genocide Service

A lot of Kefi and Dancing at the Ikarian Dance

Chios Society “Koraes” Annual Dance Raises Scholarships

A Night of Kefi at the Epirotes Tsipourovrathia

Rina Karamanides wins Lira at Vasilopita Cutting

Ikarian Brotherhood to Host Dance

Chios Society to host Annual Scholarship Dinner Dance

Epirotes of Philadelphia to Host 12th Tsipouro Night

The Tradition Continues, Pontian Akritai Bring in Christmas

Pan-Macedonian Amalia Ladies Chapter Raises Funds for Cancer Through Annual Bid and Buy

Philadelphia Pan-Macedonians to Host Bid & Buy, Ladies Night

Pontian Dance Features Star-Studded Musicians

Michalis Violaris takes Cyprus Society through a Nostalgic 60’s and 70’s Musical Journey

Demati Brotherhood Dance Celebrates with Traditional Sounds

Pontian Akritai 78th Annual Thanksgiving Dance

Brotherhood of Demati announces Annual Dinner Dance

Serra Dance Highlights Genocide Memorial Service

Panagia Soumela Fundraiser hosted by Akritai of Philadelphia

Veneration of the Cross and 78th Pontian Akritai Anniversary

Greek Dance Challenge