Tuesday, April 16th, 2024
Nameday of Galini, Galene, Galinos, Galenos, Hionia, Niki, Neekee, Nikee

Pontian Youth Take Reins at Annual Dance – Video Highlights

Hands Held High at Pontian Akritai Dance in Philadelphia

Cyprus Society of Greater Philadelphia “Makarios III” celebrates Consul General of Cyprus Sofianou

Philadelphia’s Cypriot Society honors Consul General Sofianou at their annual dinner dance

Velvendini celebrate 110 year journey

Velvendinon Society Dance, Four Generations and counting

Pontians Celebrate 74th Annual Dance in Philadelphia – Spread the word

Cretan Milestone is celebrated – Video Highlights

Cretans of Philadelphia Celebrate 100 Years of Union with Greece

Andros Society of New Jersey Celebrates island roots – Video

Andros Annual Dance Returns

Cretans of Greater Philadelphia present “100 years of Crete”

Macedonian Marriage at the Greek Affair

The Annual Pontian Akritai of Philadelphia Dance

Never Forget, Pontians commemorate Genocide

Tears shed at Philadelphia Pontian Memorial Service

Pontian Greeks join hands with Armenian community and remember the “Forgotten Genocide”

Pontian Greeks join Armenian Genocide Walk

Icarians Celebrate Annual Dance at St. Thomas

Pan-Icarians “Atheras” Dance the Night Away

Buy a Bracelet, Show your Pride at Greek Independence Day and Support Greece

Epirotes Unite and Celebrate “Tsipourovrathia”

Fundraiser for Aid to Greece – Sponsored by the Pan-Macedonians

The 7th Annual Tsipourovrathia

Pontian Youth Dance, Preserving our Future

Akritai Pontian Youth to Attend NY Pan Pontian Festival