Chicago, IL – The Trial of Socrates took place yesterday in Chicago. It was a remarkable event that left its audience in awe and cheering for the dismissal of history’s greatest philosopher. The event showcased nationally renowned legal talent, an all-star jury, and an engaged audience. The verdict of NOT GUILTY for Socrates was resounding, and John Kapelos, a talented Hollywood actor and Second City alum, portrayed Socrates brilliantly. The evening was a riveting exploration of themes that hold contemporary resonance, highlighting the enduring relevance of the Hellenic legacy in our modern world.

The Trial of Socrates was a testament to the passion and dedication of everyone involved, including the judges, lawyers, jurors, and audience members. Their collective efforts created an atmosphere of excitement and intellectual engagement that was fun and intellectually stimulating. The generous support of donors and the hard work of volunteers made this event possible, and their commitment to promoting cultural and historical understanding is deeply appreciated.

The Harris Theater provided the venue for this memorable evening, and its state-of-the-art facilities added an extra layer of grandeur to the proceedings, making the Trial of Socrates an unforgettable experience for all. As the Trial came to a close, it left a lasting impact on all who attended, reminding them of the enduring power of philosophical inquiry and critical thinking. The event celebrated intellectual freedom and the pursuit of truth, igniting a renewed interest in the ancient philosopher and his teachings.

The Trial of Socrates delivered a powerful message by acquitting him: the Hellenic legacy continues to shape our world and guide us toward a more enlightened future.