Friday, June 21st, 2024
Nameday of Afrodisios

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We Hellenes have a distinct, rich and incredible human Odyssey. Our families, heritage and historic legacy are all connected and we love to share this. With our neighbors and friends; from one generation to the next, no matter where life takes us, Hellenism binds us.

Cosmos Philly is the voice of that legacy and our goal is to preserve and recognize it as Greek and Greek American. Our churches, the GOYA, our organizations, family affairs and even our Yia-yias and Papous lives, are all part of our common Greek experience and Cosmos Philly is the place to share these stories.

To continue to do so, local business, corporate sponsors, philanthropists and foundations can play a key role too. Here’s an easy way to help keep programming growing. Make a donation to Cosmos Philly or support us through our banners on our website. Then, take the next step. Speak out about the important role of ethnic programming in your community and how Cosmos Philly contributes to keeping you connected.