Sunday, July 3rd, 2022
Nameday of Yakinthos, Zoumboulia

St. Demetrios Fundraiser Breaks Last Years Record

As it happens: The Divine Liturgy at St. Demetrios

Faith and Unwavering Loyalty, Emmanuel Leventelis Founding Member of St. Demetrios

Papaioannou Family Celebrates Wedding and Baptism

Phillie Phanatic Greets Greek Festival Guests to Upper Darby

Upper Darby Greek Festival to kick off on May 18

First Anastasi Rings Out at St. Demetrios

St. Demetrios Good Friday Service

Epitafios Decorations at St. Demetrios

Palm Sunday Celebrated at St. Demetrios

Veneration of the Cross and 78th Pontian Akritai Anniversary

Sights & Sounds Hosted at St. Demetrios

Three Hierarchs Celebration Hosted at St. Demetrios

2017 New Year’s Party at St. Demetrios

St. Demetrios New Year’s Dance 2017

The Baptisms of Evaggelos Pallas and Nikolaos Kotsiakis

Oxi Celebration at St. Demetrios Greek School

Colonial Marble Hosts Golf Fundraiser for St. Demetrios

A Taste of Greece Food Festival to be hosted at St. Demetrios

New Initiatives Growing as St. Demetrios Greek School Opens

Greek Food Feast at St. Demetrios Greek Festival

Philly Mascots, Franklin and Phanatic to Visit Upper Darby Greek Festival

St. Demetrios Greek School Commemorates Pontian Genocide

2016 Upper Darby Greek Festival about to kick off

Greek Independence Day Reception

Pride in Blue and White, Greek Independence Day commemorated at St. Demetrios