Media, PA – It’s been more than a 30 year tradition, Sights and Sounds. Started in North Jersey, more than a generation ago, the annual event brings together, the Delaware Valley Greek Orthodox community. GOYA members from each respective church participate in competition through the arts. Everything from metal sculpting, to dance, poetry and liturgical choir are all part of the competition. Ribbons and medals are given to the winners, while teams celebrate and share in the day long series of events. There are solo performances and group. Some of the group performances are quite involved and thematic. Taking music and choreographing it to a theme generally agreed on by the advisors.

In the main room/hall, throughout the day, dance, choreographed numbers were performed to a silent audience and staff of judges. While in the small classrooms, solo and duet performances went on all morning. The hallways to each wing were covered in art work and kids scurrying through to their next event. Some were entered in 3,4, and even 5 events. The day starts at 8:00 am and ends some 10-12 hours later. But each year, they do it. parents and GOYA advisors carefully plan out the day of drama that captures all their attention and effort. Congratulations to the parents for their continued work.