Friday, July 12th, 2024
Nameday of Verenic, Verenike, Vereniki, Verenica, Veronike, Veroniki, Veronica, Berenice

Mary Danos passes away

St. Luke’s Greek Festival: A Cultural Celebration in Broomall

Immerse Yourself in Greek Culture at the St. Luke Greek Affair 2023

The Greek Affair of St. Luke Kicks off

The St. Luke Greek Affair 2022

Konstantinos G. Gus Costalas

Konstantinos G. “Gus” Costalas passes away

Father Christ Kontos of St. Luke Celebrates 21 Years of Service

George Stamatas

George Stamatas Passes Away

St. Luke Hosts Greek Independence Day Parade

St. Luke Greek Affair Food Festival 2019

Flavors from Greece at the St. Luke Greek Affair

The St. Luke Greek Affair 2019

Forty-One Years Later, St. Luke’s Greek Affair Continues

The Greek Affair

St. Luke to host Greek Affair 2018

Corinn Despina Jade Baptism


Boutiques & Greek Treats, St. Luke Fall Fundraiser

Greek Affair Celebrates 40 Years

St. Luke Greek Festival to kick off in Broomall

St. Luke Parishioners march for Cooley’s Foundation

St. Luke Hosts the Holy Grail of Bid ‘N Buys

Saint Luke’s 2017 Care Walk

A Night in Bollywood, St. Luke Annual Bid & Buy

St. Luke Greek School Opens Doors to 2016

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St. Luke Greek Affair 2016

St. Luke Christmas Pageant 2015

St. Luke Greek Festival – A journey through a Greek weekend Village