Broomall, PA – Thousands turned out for the 4 day Greek Affair at St. Luke Greek Orthodox church. The annual event featured, rides, free parking and Greek cuisine. Parishioner volunteers prepared and sold the homemade pastries that St. Luke s is known for. While the lamb shank, mousaka and shish kebab continued to be the most popular dishes served for dinner.

The September annual festival continues to be a popular place where the Hellenic community gathers to swap summer stories over a cup of Greek coffee or a little tsipouro. Smiles and hugs were seen exchanged often by Greeks as they continued to support St. Luke, through their annual festival.

On Saturday evening, one can catch Greeks mingling and parading along the church parking lot. Vendors and food stands to the left, and seating outside the church to the right. People watching and sipping on a frappe or drink. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s a flash back to Greek life, where people walk and mingle along the main street of a small village. This scene, in Broomall takes you a journey back home. The Greek Affair at St. Luke is just that, a place that makes you feel as if you were back home, in a Greek village. A place to reconnect with your fellow Hellenes, just like in Greece.