Broomall, PA – When it comes to putting their Greek on, the St. Luke Greek community does it with class and pride. Smiling faces and warm hearts greeted you as you promenaded through campus that echoed a stroll in a Greek village. The Greek language, a handshake and occasion hug made you feel right at home.

On Saturday evening, the tents swelled with visitors as the aromas of Greek food filled the air at the area’s biggest Greek Festival. Greek sweets and coffee were shared as guests caught up following summer. Many were seen with boxes of take out food stacked as they made a quick pit stop at the food lines. Traditional food platters, like lamb shank and souvlaki platters were served both indoors and out to a hungry audience that kept growing throughout dinner time. At one point, the corridor was jammed up like a summer outdoor concert.

Live Greek music performed by Atlantis of Philadelphia and Stoxos Entertainment played throughout the weekend. The two bands got some of the crowd on their feet dancing. In between sets, the St. Luke and Macedonian dance groups kept the audience watching and clapping to the traditional folk music being performed.

Venders and the St. Luke Agora anchored the event, that saw attendees circling back and forth throughout the evening. Whether you came to shop, dance, eat or mingle there was something for everyone to enjoy.