Valley Forge, PA – Hospitality is absolute at this Greek Festival. St. Sophia is known for its fellowship and warmth, true signs that Hellenism is alive and well at this parish. With a wonderful smile and hug your greeted anywhere you go. We started our visit this time, inside the dining hall, where we had cafeteria style Greek food line. Everything from Moussaka too Spanakopita awaited us. Following diner, sweets served by the sweet ladies of the church were served up. The fresh homemade food fill our belly’s while the sounds of Greek music and the dancing by young parishioners entertained us. It’s a family affair and everyone is at home here. Throughout the evening, you’re invited to dance.

Outside, Standing tall in the background of the is four day Grecian festival, is the beautiful Byzantine church. Open doors invite visitors in for a tour. Inside, frescoes cover the walls of scenes from the bible. The painting done by artists brought in from Greece are considered some of the finest in the area.

With plenty of free parking, games and rides for the kids, it’s no wonder the entire community comes out. The beautiful grounds around St. Sophia make it a perfect setting to wander through and get to know this very hospitable group. St. Sophia, the home of the Grecian Festival.