Cherry Hill, NJ – Under the tent or inside the gymnasium, St. Thomas is a maze of fun for all. Looking around this block-long campus, the smiling faces of parishioners welcomed you to explore freshly made pastries, homemade Greek food, live music, and a whole lot more. “The 2022 Agora is back”, said parish member George Horiatis as he spoke on camera yesterday.

“It’s the biggest festival this side of Delaware River, and it’s our 50th anniversary”, added Horiatis. The Agora is a staple event in South Jersey that features everything Greek. This four-day event also has dancing throughout the weekend and plenty of vendors to explore. You can order online and pick it up as well. It’s fast, easy, and a great way to enjoy a Greek meal. The festival has everything from sweet pastries to platters of moussaka, from jewelry to art shops.

It’s a perfect stop for a family affair or meeting up with friends for an afternoon Frappe. The most prominent Greek festival of the year brings together thousands of Greek food lovers. If you want to be Greek or be around Greeks, this is the place to be this weekend.

For more information, visit or call: (856) 665 1731.