Wilmington, DE– As far as Greek festivals go, Holy Trinity’s in Wilmington Delaware is colossal, and each year it seems to get bigger. This year, the parishioners added an extra day to the already big fat Greek festival, and it was packed early on. What makes this festival such a grand event in the Delaware Valley? That you will have to answer for yourself.

Cosmos Philly attended yesterday, the second of the six days scheduled and it was a blast. The food, people, games, and rides for the kids were all part of the festive day. But for sheer atmosphere this event was amazing. Every table in the parking lot (and inside the church hall) was filled all evening long. The folk dancers kept coming out every half hour, while the band played on. People danced, smiles and laughter were everywhere, and the aromas of Greece filled the air.

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Parishioners hustled to get people anything their hearts and stomachs desired that was Greek. “I want more Greek wine”, asked one woman as we spoke to the treasurer of the church about how the affair was going. He quickly excused himself and ran off to get the woman her request. That’s the type of hospitality Greeks are known for, and these folks at Holy Trinity got it.

The Wilmington Greek Festival goes on through Saturday night. If you’re looking to go to Greece without traveling too far, then this is the place to be. Stop in for lunch or head over anytime through the evening for a wonderful experience.