Cinnaminson, NJ – The Nafpaktian Brotherhood Society “Roumeli” reunited for a dance at The Merion this past Saturday night, after being dormant for many years. The affair attracted new and past members out for an evening of music, dance and culture.

Vasilios Kalvrouzoitis, the new President of the Nafpaktian Brotherhood Society “Roumeli”, addressed the members as the evening kicked off and spoke with Cosmos Philly about their philanthropic efforts and the future of the organization.

The Nafpaktian Brotherhood Society “Roumeli” was originally established in 1979 by immigrants of Greece. They were driven to create a community to celebrate their homeland, here in their new home America.

The Nafpaktian Brotherhood Society Executive Board

Vasilios Kalvrouzoitis, President
John Patouhas, Vice President
Christos Balis, Treasurer
Cosmas Diamantis, Secretary

Past Society Presidents

Konstantinos N. Diamantis
Ioannis N. Balis
Vasilios N. Patouhas
Peter V. Balis
Christos N. Balis